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    Online Sustainable Stand Up: Six week course on the Interwebs

    Online and convenient

    Thursdays starting Sept 15 to Oct 20, 9pm Berlin time, 3pm NY time, 1pm LA time


    This six-class online course is for people who do good in the world and are interested in presenting more engagingly about stuff that matters and stepping out of your comfort zone to learn a nice, smart, engaging form of stand up comedy, all in the comfort of where ever your computer is.


    Price £150.

    Sustainable Stand Up: London Six week Friday night New Year course

    Step-by-step and profound

    Friday starting January 6th to February 10th, 7-9pm

    Show on February 12.


    This six-class workshop is for people who do good in the world and are interested in presenting more engagingly about stuff that matters and stepping out of their comfort zone to learn a nice, smart, engaging form of stand up comedy - and present your 5-minute set to the world.


    Selling out fast! Book now.


    Price £325.


  • Online course or London in-person course

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    Sept 15 - Oct 20. Book now. Places limited.

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    Sustainable Stand Up is a project by Maffick Ltd. 





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  • Four things

    Our project does 4 things...



    We create inspiring courses where you discover a safe environment and new friends. Where you develop and hone stand up material, in a loving, clear way, on stuff that matters.


    We showcase our course participants, as well as the best of today's and tomorrow's stand up comedy on sustainability issues.


    We help stand up comics work with the best scientists, economists & sustainability experts.


    We offer our stand up comics to major sustainability events and conferences.

  • Success stories

    Our participants include improvisers, comedians, NASA climate scientists, medical researchers, architects, military servicemen and women, and people like you. Here's what some of them say:


    "I need to reach people about the deadly serious impacts of climate change. But I don't want to drive them away with gloom and doom. Belina and my wonderfully supportive classmates helped me discover the hilarity in my work and connect with the audience about something that really matters, to me and the world."


    "I absolutely loved the supportive atmosphere and the we're all in it together mentality that was built into our class... I was able to create a solid five minute set and muster the courage to get up on that stage alone. Thank you Belina for starting my stand up journey on a high note!"


    "... gave me the confidence to get up in front of people, the tools for success in stand up and to break into doing improv. Belina is just an amazing teacher..."

  • Our upcoming online course in

    Sustainable Stand Up

    Thursdays, Sept 15 to Oct 20


    Why relax this summer when you can connect with funny, lovely people from around the world, get some personal coaching, and do something transformative? And all in the comfort of your own laptop...


    This online workshop happens on Thursdays from September 15th to October 20 at 9pm Berlin time (that’s 3pm NYC time, 1pm Los Angeles time. For other time calculations, click here.


    This six-class plus we support you doing a local open mic show. The course is for people who do good in the world and are interested in presenting more engagingly about stuff that matters. We practice a nice, smart, engaging form of stand up comedy, coming from the ‘I’m ok, you’re ok’ space. Learn this all in the comfort of where ever your computer is. You will also be invited to perform your set at a local ‘open mic’ event.

    Book now using the left Paypal button here.

    It is going to be awesome

    Regular price £150.

  • Sustainable Stand Up - Six Week In-Person course in LONDON



    Venue: The class will be held at a venue within 5 minutes walk from London Bridge Station.


    Workshop Leaders: Belina Raffy and Steve Cross


    When: Six classes. Mondays starting September 5th to October 10 2016 - with a show on Sunday October 16. Class time is 6.30 - 8.30 pm. Start your week laughing.


    Book your place now!


    Course price (ends August 1st): £310

  • More details about the in-person six-week workshop in London

    Book your place - this is going to be awesome

    Our course...

    Whether you plan a career on the stand up stage, want to speak more powerfully on issues that matter to you, or just want to build your confidence and presence, no experience of stand up or improvisation is necessary.  Register now below.


    The introductory course focus on writing and performing stand up comedy, while using the practice of improvisation to help cultivate:

      - playfulness and creativity in crafting your material 

      - confidence and ease on stage, and

      - generosity and connection with your audience.


    It emphasises creating content that tackles the big issues in a funny, smart and loving way.


    In the workshop sessions you will:

    - with our support, develop your own 5 minute set of stand up material 

      - practice connecting with the audience in delightful, powerful and generous ways

      - introduce good mic and presentation techniques

      - explore positive ways to deal with failure and the unexpected

      - at the end of the course, showcase your set live on stage in a  theatre

  • Why do we get out of bed in the morning?

    We help people who do good in the world to do that better.


    We help people to combine stand up comedy, playfulness, content about stuff that matters, and love.

    When combined, these are wildly powerful forces to get important information across.


    Join us and stand up for things that matter.

  • The SusStandUp Team

    Let's play!

    Founder, Director

    Belina began her stand up and improv in 1996 through classes and performances in New York City, continuing her studies at the Loose Moose School of Improvisation. She performs in Baltimore, NY. London and - soon - Berlin.  She is a Director of the global Applied Improvisation Network and a consultant with an MBA. Belina spends most of her time teaching social entrepreneurs and business people improvisation skills to bring about a more delightful, sustainable form of business. 


    Advisor/Connector, UK

    Steve is a geek comedian and founder of Science Showoff (http://www.scienceshowoff.org) and Bright Club (http://www.brightclub.org). He's trained hundreds of people to be funny about science and hosts gigs all over the UK where clever folk get to make funny for the first time.


    Photo credit: Ed Moore

    Advisor, Germany
    Adam is a professional actor, improviser and stand-up for corporate audiences. He has been performing, teaching and directing since the mid 1990s, mostly in central Europe.
    With a background in psychology, he is also a presentation coach, consultant and adjunct professor who uses techniques stolen from theater to help companies and governments all over the world make their staff and customers smile. 




    Katie Goodman is an award-winning musical comic, improviser, actress, author, creative coach, and social activist. She is the author ofImprovisation For The Spirit: Live a More Creative, Spontaneous, and Courageous Life Using the Tools of Improv Comedy.” Her comedy music videos can be seen, having amassed over 1.5 million hits on Youtube. www.KatieGoodman.com



    Advisor, Climate Scientist

    Peter is the founding director of NASA’s Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Office, supporting the North American Carbon Program (www.nacarbon.org); ABoVE, the Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment, a major field campaign (http://above.nasa.gov); and the Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Focus Area at NASA HQ (http://cce.nasa.gov).  He's also an improviser and was part of our first show in Baltimore of Sustainable Stand Up.


    Advisor, Climate Scientist


    Pablo is Associate director for research and innovation at the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre. As a researcher and consultant on climate, disasters and development he has worked with over thirty organizations in more than 50 countries. His current work addresses the use of innovative tools for climate risk management – including applied improvisation for learning and managing complex dynamic systems. 



    Green building Expert/Improviser, Baltimore

    Prescott is a sustainability innovator by day, and talented improvisation performer and show director by night.  


  • The London Workshop is presented in cooperation with Sprout Ideas and The Nursery Theatre


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    Sustainable Stand Up is a project by Maffick Ltd.